The Hospital

Ankit opened his eyes and saw the fan moving. Today he was feeling light and fresh. Maybe it had something to do with the morning. It was bright and sunny outside. The golden rays were brimming across the window and right onto him. He felt so much better today. It was Covid that he had […]

The Camping Trip

Dhurandhar Sharma was a 15-year-old boy who lived with his parents and grandmother in a very inconspicuous lane of a modest town near Sitapur. The restlessness of adolescence had long set in his life. Having an unusual name did not help in alleviating it. He could clearly give the credit to his grandmother who had […]

The New Job

                                Pathak-ji sat in the bus that sped along the highway. He scanned the scenery and simultaneously scoured the news item in his newspaper, “Another man killed… feudal practices…police cover up….”. Another article read “The new rate of fertilisers have  […]