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No matter what level of sophistication one boasts of, the urge to fulfil the primary needs exists equally in all.

Once we were invited to a multi-national company by a relative who worked there. On the occasion of Family Day, she invited us to see her office. We were thrilled, to say the least. Her company is one of the biggest in the corporate sector. We were invited at the Goregaon branch. So, we all looked forward for the day.

And soon came the date. We got into the car to get there. Enroute, she told us all about the office premises. Her office boasted of sprawling interiors and chic furniture. There was a place somewhere on the first floor from where the entire dome of her office was visible. It was an attraction, actually. Every visitor had to see that dome. Without that, one’s visit to the building was incomplete. Her building was famous for the dome and we intended to see it on that day without fail.

As we parked, we could sense the air of sleekness that was oozing out of even the parking lot. As we stepped onto the elevator, we could see from the number of floors, how tall the building was. She first showed us into her office area that was really huge. Hundreds of cubicles were methodically arranged. There was enough space between two rows, hence there was enough breathing space. There was aqua blue wall to wall carpet everywhere and it gave a very rich appearance. She took us to her desk. We could see, from where she worked, she had a few of her pictures and her belongings neatly placed. Then, she showed us her coffee area, a place where she stepped out for breaks. That gallery also happened to be a place from where one could see the Borivali National Park. It was also the spot where the sun shone in the afternoons and the employees soaked in it in their short breaks.

Then, in the assembly hall we saw many people introducing themselves to the crowd and the others were cheering. Next to the assembly hall, was a lot of commotion. When we went to check it out, it turned out to be a dining area. There were long queues and we wondered; upon slight investigation we were told that that particular queue was for ‘Maggi’. Most of us jumped with joy upon hearing it.

Though it was hardly 11 am and we were not much hungry, we all decided to enjoy fresh Idli & sambar and Maggi, after our relative managed the coupons quickly.  She met a few acquaintances and she introduced us to her colleagues. It was a very well-arranged Family Day event. There was enough food, tea and coffee for everyone. Even their canteen spaces were so sprawling and spick & span! No wonder a multinational corporate is a very big deal, now we know why. Because of their professionalism and lavishness. We outsiders were so impressed as we had plenty to tell others about our experience. 

We came out as excited as when we had gone in. It was a memorable visit and we thanked her profusely. We felt like teenagers gushing about her office spaces on the ride back home. For a moment or two, suddenly all went quiet in the car as if we all plunged in deep thought all at once…. and soon it did hit us…. and it hit us hard…in our exclusive visit and all the hullabaloo…we had forgotten to see the DOME!

After that no one in the car spoke… we felt like complete fools! We had succumbed to our basic instinct. 

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No matter what level of sophistication one boasts of, the urge to fulfil the primary needs exists equally in all. Once we were invited to



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