No matter what level of sophistication one boasts of, the urge to fulfil the primary needs exists equally in all. Once we were invited to a multi-national company by a relative who worked there. On the occasion of Family Day, she invited us to see her office. We were thrilled, to say the least. Her […]


The great Thomas Alva Edison  invented “The Bulb”, what he didn’t know was the magnanimity of his creation and it’s effects on the future generations. Growing up in the various rural and urban areas and living many kinds of lives at the same time was a blessing. Almost everywhere at that time in India there […]


Hop skip and jump was literally an everyday affair for children who played  Hopscotch in their growing years.It was one of my favourite pastimes after school. We children used to gather in groups and start hopping on the neatly drawn rectangles with numbers. Be it under the sweltering sun or in the drizzly weathers, we […]

Haritaki…the wonder herb

Haritaki was one ayurvedic herb I had always heard about since childhood, there were many actually but nothing really matched the ranks of this wonder herb whose scientific name happens to be Chebulic Myrobalan. It was the curiosity about the multitalented herb that made me dive into finding what it was all about. So, I read […]